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With more than 10 years of experience within repair and replacement spare for Plate Heat Exchangers, M&C heat parts has a lot of knowledge about each Plate Heat Exchanger type. We know that high quality is key, when it comes to Spare Parts for Plate Heat Exchangers. Poor quality of Spare Parts can result in future unnecessary problems with end customers Heat Exchanger, creating unnecessary costs.High quality for us, is when our products match the original maker, in both quality material and dimensions. These factors are crucial for us and for end customers.

M&C heat parts has many years of experience as Heat Exchangers Spare Part supplier for the Offshore, Oil & Gas, HVAC, Food&Beverage Industry and so on, and we know the importance of the necessary certificates. That is why M&C heat parts are in contact with several independent  organizations, to achieve the needed qualifications and maintain our position as a supplier for various industries.