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Correct use method and precautions of plate heat exchanger

There are many types of plate heat exchanger, each type has a specific range of application, in one occasion the performance of a good heat exchanger, if changed to another occasion may have a great change in heat transfer effect and performance. M&C reminds you that the selection of plate heat exchanger is very important, only choose the right plate heat exchanger in the corresponding occasions will play its role to the maximum.

So in the selection process of plate heat exchanger what points we need to pay attention to it. M&C Heat Parts reminds we need to pay attention to the following four points:

1, Plate heat exchanger selection, should try to make the small heat transfer coefficient on the side of the large flow rate, and try to make the two fluid heat transfer surface on both sides of the heat transfer coeficient equal or similar, improve the heat transfer coefficient. The temperature of the fluid heated by the heat exchanger should be 10lower than the saturation temperature at the outlet pressure of the heat exchanger and lower than the operating temperation of the pump used for secondary water.

2, When plate heat exchanger is selected, the flow rate at the interface of fluid on the side with small temperature difference should not be too large, and it should be able to meet the requirements of pressure drop.

3, For the case of large flow rate and small allowable pressure drop, the plate with small resistance should be selected. On the contrary, the plate with large resistance should be selected.

4, When selecting plates, it is not suitable to choose plates with too small area, so as to avoid excessive number of plates, small flow rate between plates and lower heat transfer coefficient.

If you have any questions or inquiries about plate heat exchangers or brazed heat exchangers, please feel free to contact M&C Heat Parts. We have been here to be your heat exchanger expert!