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Plate heat exchanger rubber boots, rubber liners and filters

MC Heat introduce our RUBBER LINER/RUBBER BOOTS/RUBBER SPOOTS and Filter/Strainer goods.

For the rubber liner, we have such models belows

Sondex: S7A, S9A, S14A, S20A, S21, S22, S31A, S41, S43, S44, S47, S62, S64, S65, S81, S86, S100, S110, S120, S121, S130, S131, S152, S188, S221, S229
GEA: VT20,VT40, VT80, NT100, NT150, NT250, FA184
APV: H17, N40, A085,J060,J090, J107
Tranter: GL13, GC26, GX42, GC51, GX51
FUNKE: FP31, FP40, FP41, FP50, FP60, FP71, FP80, FP112, FP205
THERMOWAVE: TL90, TL200, TL250, TL400, TL500, TL650
Hisaka: UX10,RX10, LX10,LX20, LX30, LX50, RX70
LHE: HT302

For the filters, we all can do customized with detail dimensions.

So if you need any plate heat exchanger spare parts, please contact us