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Precautions for Plate heat exchanger before, during and after use

1, What are the precautions before using the plate heat exchanger?

A, First of all, before working, check whether the plate heat exchanger pipeline is one-way conveying to prevent the liquid from overflowing.

B, Check for impurities or dirt in the plate heat exchanger. Clean up in time to prevent blockage. Open the outlet valve and close the inlet valve.

C, Check the inside of the heat exchanger and all its accessories for corrosion, rust and damage.


If there are not above problems, the equipment can be heated and used normally. Note that M&C also reminds everyone that if you are using it in a special industry, you should prepare other spare parts, such as decontamination devices and filters, so as to avoid pipeline blockage and water pollution.


2, What are the precautions for the use of plate heat exchanger?

A, When using plate heat exchanger, first check the trial of the whole equipment and gaskets. If there is any fault in use, it should be stopped in time and equipment maintenance records should be made.

B, Confirm whether there are impurities in the medium, and check the concentration. If high pressure medium is present during use, liquid leakage occurs inside the equipment.

C, Carefully observe the use of pressure gauges and accessories. If there is any problem, stop the work and repair it according to the specific situation. Since most devices have a large setting, the likelihood of problems is low and the gauge will stop automatically.

D, when the process is complete, slowly close the valve. Do not remove the power plug directly, which may damage the equipment and reduce the service life.


3, What are the precautions after the use of plate heat exchanger?

When the equipment is used up, all pumps should be turned off, power off, and all media in the equipment should be discharged. If the medium stays in the equipment for a long time, chemical reactions can occur, corroding pipes and equipment. In case of air reaction, the exhaust valve should be opened and the equipment should be maintained after shutdown.