Marine Repair

Marine Repair Service

In addition to the overhaul under special circumstances, the plate heat exchanger also needs regular maintenance. Plate heat exchangers are easy to maintain and easy to disassemble. Different methods can be adopted according to the situation. If the equipment has no leakage and the heat transfer system is lowered, it is comparable to disassembly and maintenance. Just use a closed circuit system to bring the lye into the equipment for a few hours. If there is no such condition, and it is found that the scaling is not very serious after disassembly, you don't need to remove the plate, just rinse with water or brush with a brush.
There are many things to be noticed in the cleaning method of the plate heat exchanger. Do not use hydrochloric acid or water with high chloride concentration to wash the stainless steel plates. Do not use phosphoric acid or sulfuric acid to clean the titanium plates. In situ cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning plates, especially when the process liquid in the device is aggressive. When cleaning the heat exchanger, drain the liquid in the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger on both sides. If it cannot be exhausted, the process liquid can be forced out with water.
Wash with warm water from both sides of the heat exchanger until the outgoing water becomes clear and free of process fluid. Discharge the flushed water out of the heat exchanger and connect it to the local cleaning pump. To clean thoroughly, it is necessary to move the in-situ cleaning solution from the bottom to the top of the plate to ensure that all the surface of the plate is wetted with the cleaning solution, use the in-situ cleaning solution to flush at the maximum flow rate, or use the in-situ cleaning nozzle The diameter allows cleaning at maximum flow rate. If the home cleaning work can be carried out according to the established scheduled cleaning plan before thorough contamination, the cleaning effect will be better. After cleaning with in-situ cleaning solution, rinse thoroughly with clean water.