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Classification, advantages and disadvantages of ship cooler

The heat exchange container (cooler) is a container used to complete the heat exchange of the medium. There are many kinds of it. According to the principle of heat transfer, the structural forms of heat transfer originals and enhanced heat transfer originals can be classified.

According to the principle of heat transfer, heat exchange vessels can be divided into direct contact type and indirect contact type. Indirect contact subdivision is the common energy storage type and plate and tube heat exchangers that directly transfer heat.

Energy storage heat exchanger
The energy storage type has a compact structure, a low price, and a large heat transfer surface per unit volume. Suitable for gas-gas exchange occasions. At the same time, if the two fluids are not allowed to mix, regenerative heat exchangers cannot be used.
Jacketed heat exchanger
Jacketed heat exchanger is a kind of partition wall heat exchanger. It is made of a jacket installed on the outer wall of the container and has a simple structure; however, its heating surface is limited by the wall of the container, and the heat transfer coefficient is not high. It is widely used for heating and cooling in the reaction process.
Immersion coil heat exchanger
It has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture, install, clean and maintain, has a low price, and is particularly suitable for the cooling and condensation of high-pressure fluid, so it is still widely used in modern times. However, the coil tube heat exchanger is large and bulky; the metal consumption per unit heat transfer area is large, and the heat transfer efficiency is low.
Spray type coil heat exchanger
The advantage is that the heat transfer effect is better than the immersion type, the heat transfer area is large and can be changed, and the maintenance and cleaning are convenient. The disadvantage is that spraying is not easy to be uniform. It is mainly used for cooling the fluid in the pipe, and is usually installed in the outdoor air circulation place.

Shell and tube heat exchangers can be divided into fixed tube sheet heat exchangers, floating head heat exchangers, U-tube heat exchangers and stuffing box heat exchangers according to the structure.

Tube heat exchanger
Tube heat exchanger is the most widely used heat exchanger in chemical and alcohol production. The structure is relatively simple, compact and cheap, but the outside of the pipe cannot be mechanically cleaned. The heat exchanger tube bundle is connected to the tube plate, the tube plates are welded to the two ends of the shell, and a top cover is connected to the top plate, and the top cover and the shell are equipped with fluid inlet and outlet connections. A series of baffles perpendicular to the tube bundle are usually installed outside the tube. At the same time, the connection between the tube and the tube plate and the outer shell are rigid, while the inside and outside of the tube are two fluids with different temperatures. Therefore, when the temperature difference between the tube wall and the shell wall is large, due to the difference in thermal expansion between the two, a large temperature difference stress is generated, so that the tube is bent or the tube is loosened from the tube sheet, and even the heat exchanger is destroyed.
Floating head heat exchanger
The floating head heat exchanger eliminates the temperature difference stress, the tube bundle can be drawn out to facilitate the cleaning of the tube and the shell side, the temperature difference between the media is not limited, it can work under high temperature and high pressure, the general temperature is less than or equal to 450 degrees, and the pressure is less than or equal to 6.4 MPa ; Can be used in occasions where the scale is relatively serious or where the pipe side is easily corroded. The disadvantage is that the small floating head is prone to internal leakage. Metal materials consume a lot and cost 20% higher. complex structure.
U-tube heat exchanger
The structure of the U-tube heat exchanger is relatively simple, but the tube side is not easy to clean. It is only suitable for clean and non-scaling rivets, such as the heat exchange of high-pressure gas. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean the inner wall of the tube, it is difficult to replace the tube, and there are few tubes arranged on the tube plate. The advantages are simple structure and light weight, which are suitable for high temperature and high pressure conditions.
Tube heat exchanger
The large heat exchange area of the sleeve heat exchanger improves the heat transfer efficiency. However, it is troublesome to overhaul, clean and disassemble, and it is easy to cause leakage at the detachable connection.
Plate heat exchangers can be divided into plate and frame heat exchangers, spiral plate heat exchangers, plate fin heat exchangers and plate and shell heat exchangers.

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