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  • PHE Rubber Liner & Collar
  • PHE Rubber Liner & Collar
  • PHE Rubber Liner & Collar
  • PHE Rubber Liner & Collar
PHE Rubber Liner & CollarPHE Rubber Liner & CollarPHE Rubber Liner & CollarPHE Rubber Liner & Collar

PHE Rubber Liner & Collar

  • Model:PHE Rubber Liner NT100
  • Diameter: DN100
  • Thickness: 40mm
  • Material: NBR/EPDM
  • Product description: The rubber Liner of the plate heat exchanger is installed on the front frame of the plate heat exchanger,its function is similar to the gasket, which plays the role of sealing to prevent the media lea
Product Description:

Application of plate heat exchanger

chemical industry

Heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation of various inorganic acids, alkalis, salts, heating, cooling and condensation of various organic solvents.

Oil industry

Heating and cooling of various oil products.

Metallurgical Industry

Various water cooling, oil cooling equipment and waste heat recovery, aluminum dilute acid cooling, electrolyte cooling and heating, drawing oil cooling, rolling mill oil cooling, electroplating solution heating and cooling, etc.

Food and beverage industry
Heating, cooling, evaporation, crystallization, sterilization in various food, beverage, fruit juice, soy sauce, beer and other technological processes.

Central cooling system

Turbine oil cooler, bearing, vacuum pump, auxiliary equipment cooler, seawater desalination, closed cooling water conversion cooling.

Textile industry

Printing and dyeing liquid heating and heat recovery special, water heating and air conditioning system.

Paper industry

Black liquor cooling, wood pulp condensation, water heating, and heat recovery systems are used to recover spray steam, exhaust gas, outlet steam, heat engine pulp, mechanical pulp, bleach, continuous cooking liquor, and causticizing liquor.
Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Heating, cooling and sterilization of various liquid medicines and pure water.

City heating

Provide heating for offices, factories, residential buildings and buildings in winter, heating, water, steam and air conditioning in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools.

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